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Australian DJ Ren Zukii‘s newest single, “MOMMA,” pays homage to her mom. Through this new single on WAKAAN, she gracefully gives us a glimpse into their relationship. Ren Zukii’s sweeping U.S. listeners off their feet through her latest releases in the experimental bass world. Now, let’s pay respect to Ren Zukii and her mom and turn up the sound for her latest release, “MOMMA.”

Press photo of Ren Zukii
Ren Zukii, taken by Marshiiyy

Starting slow with rhythmic beats, a smooth undertone quickly picks up in the background. Then, channeling her Aussie roots and her love for electronic music, Ren Zukii’s signature sound – a quick, strategic tempo takes over. Not long after, you hear the tribute to her mom, “MOMMA, MOMMA, MOMMA,” shaking through our speakers and tugging at our heartstrings, knowing how much Ren Zukii’s mom means to her.

Ren Zukii’s mom helped her build a musical foundation from a young age.

“My mom is a very passionate and gifted musician and the only person I know [with] perfect pitch. Growing up in my family home, we didn’t have toys like other kids; we did, however, have a lot of musical instruments. Pianos, guitars, drum kits, violins, bass guitars, trumpets… even some ethnic instruments from other countries. Whenever one of us wanted to learn a piano piece or a song on guitar, my mum would just be able to figure it out by ear and teach it to us right away. My siblings and I were very lucky.”

– Ren Zukii

The slow, steady bassline helps us travel through the song and back in time. Even when the track slows down, the energy stays high and consistent. This track reigns one thing for sure – power. Something Ren Zukii sees as crucial, especially with women.

“I think the power that comes from women supporting other women is really special. In my personal experience, creating art can be quite isolating. [So] it is extremely vital to have not only women but people in your corner that you can relate to, supporting you and vice versa. I firmly believe there is room for everyone to win – and backing each other is what life is all about. I look up to the women who are constantly grinding in any walk of life, creating changes in any field, in any part of the world, fighting for their freedom, safety, and to have their say.”

– Ren Zukii

The track ultimately takes us to another place.

Deep bass flows through consistently, and the vocal elements pair perfectly. It is clear that Ren Zukii crafted an incredible tribute to her mom with this track. She is known for creating soundscapes and transporting her listeners to new places. Though she’s known for this, her roots are deeply engrained in her home country, Australia. However, she’s breaking down barriers and challenging musical norms Down Under.

“The experimental bass music scene here [in Australia] is quite small at the minute. The events showcasing experimental bass artists are low-key, and I love those ones. We currently have drum and bass saturating the scene, so people are flocking to see more fast-paced shows, which is pretty amazing. Dnb is such a strong genre, and it’s nice to see more people getting involved. We used to have more experimental bass events before COVID-19 hit, but I think it’ll take a while to generate the same energy that was there before. All in good time. The essence of underground music will always be there and will continue to birth game-changing artists. It’s needed to push the boundaries of sound design and to create a fresh listening experience. I think [many] artists from Perth who make the kind of music I make often leave Perth to branch out. This could be in the cards for me in the future.”

– Ren Zukii

Although the track must come to an end, Ren Zukii’s career is just getting started. She has performed at many festivals and venues in her home country, and we hope to see her continue to gain listeners and fans worldwide.

“It definitely blows my mind to have international fans. I have had a few fans in the US reach out and show [me] some love, and that’s new and exciting to me. I think I have more fans in America than at home because of a big musical and cultural difference. Even having a small handful of fans honors me greatly. There are a lot of songs from artists I look up to that have helped me through dark times. Some of those artists are now my friends.”

– Ren Zukii

We cannot wait to see what Ren Zukii does next. She has perfectly crafted a track based on power, motherhood, and, most importantly, love. What a beautiful trifecta.

Listen to “MOMMA” by Ren Zukii below!

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