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Hot off a year of back-to-back (to-back) releases under WAKAAN, Ravenscoon is back with a treat (or four) for downtempo and bass fans. Debuting on SSKWAN, Translucent — released on March 9 — is Ravenscoon’s newest EP giving us four multifarious and expansive tracks to sink our teeth into.

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Each tune on Translucent highlights the wide-ranging and spacious vision of Ravenscoon’s downtempo chops. While this piece changes pace from his trademark bass-heavy style, he accomplishes this sound with ease and finesse. Touching on sub-genres like garage and wave while injecting massive bass moments, Ravenscoon’s newest project will catch any bass-lovers’ attention.

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Ravenscoon notes that Translucent is his take on some of his favorite melodic bass music — wave, hard wave, future garage, and of course, downtempo. While in the middle of writing his debut album, he found himself with a handful of creations that didn’t quite have a place — yet. Once revamped and rearranged, Ravenscoon created a cohesive wave-esque EP to counter his dubstep origins.

What makes up the Translucent EP?

“Free, the introductory track featuring iSorin, maintains a rumbling presence. However, the song’s intentional chaos is reigned in by complimentary percussion and continues to build until we reach a heavy breakdown. Next is the EP-titled “Translucent, which sure does live up to its name. We’re immediately introduced to the soundscapes with droning bass waves, melodic flourishes, and a driving beat.

“Entropy” brings the energy up a notch, highlighting extra-terrestrial-like synths and intense bass that creeps around this sonic space. Finally, the penultimate piece is the perfect segue into the downtempo vision of “Outskirts. Echoing and expansive, “Outskirts” completes the Translucent EP with intention and confidence.

Last year, Ravenscoon saw a mountain of success playing large-scale festivals such as Sonic Bloom, SCAMP, Hulaween, and more. And this year is already shaping up to be another banger for the bass pioneer. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for the bass music community and his musical vision. But for now, we’ll continue to blast Translucent on repeat.

Check out the Translucent EP by Ravenscoon, available now via SSKWAN:

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