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You are cordially invited into the imperial uprising of the upcoming name Ren Zukii as she releases her debut EP Monarch with the renowned label Wakaan, today. The grandest decree has been declared into the universe as we enter the world of Ren Zukii. There is nothing that a royal can do as she cements her introduction in monarchial fashion.

Ren Zukii Monarch

“The Monarch EP is a culmination of 6 years of my journey in music. I realized I could never really just write one style of music so I set off to combine everything I love about the experimental bass music scene. A lot of the inspiration for this EP came from listening to a lot of metal and watching Quentin Tarantino movies. It’s chaotic, emotional and visceral and is the first of many to come.”

Ren Zukii

Ren Zukii makes her royal mark on the world with Monarch!


Immediately, we transport into the mystical palace that Ren Zukii creates through her sonic, enchanting chimes and melodies. Slowly she guides us through the halls of the grand building, walking past the tall columns and decor. Ren Zukii cautiously warns us to watch our step before we enter into the wickedness of what’s behind the next door. Now, as our hand hits the handle, our eyes begin to witness apparitions of the deadman. Still focusing on the floating beings surrounding us, we feel the chills creep through our spine. Ren Zukii elevates levels through her spellbinding synths and crunching bass. As she slowly ascends us into a euphoric state as we witness the dance of the deadmen.


Next up, comes the dynamic and empowering track from Ren Zukii’s EP, the self-titled track “Monarch.” Certainly, there appears to be a strong dominance from the getgo. As you envision yourself staring at the field ahead of you, watching the embers and smoke blow past you – the heat within your heart builds. Through the heavy marching clacks and metal echoes, the tension along your hands clench while you become aware of the destruction. However, there doesn’t seem to be fear within your soul as you wait to charge into the battle. “Monarch” heightens the bravery and heroism within yourself. Ren Zukii


Near the end, of our monarchial adventure, comes the switch-up we have all been craving with “Reign” and the versatility of Ren Zukii. As we crash and awaken from the chants in the background, we gradually head towards the next city. Now in unison with our neighbors, as we march through the hills, we fall within the rhythm of the halftime melodies and shakers. Ren Zukii delivers a thundering parade of sonically driven dark tones that escape our heavy hearts. The darkness within us molding into this fiery spirit to unleash into the atmosphere. “Reign” gives us that power to prevail through the hardships and march through the fire and flames of our lives.


Lastly, we have come to an end to the monumental debut from Ren Zukii with the final track “Solomon”. The serene beginning allows us to sink in all the electricity from the universe. While we slowly begin to internally charge ourselves, Ren Zukii conducts the way into a wave of greater peace. Though before we can arrive to that final state, she unravels the excessive voltage out ourselves. Only the good can stay within and the bad needs to be expelled. Ren Zukii sparks and shocks the universe with her massive drop. Truly influenced by the early works of heavy metal bands like Nine Inch Nails, the chaotic energy Ren Zukii builds amplifies everyone around them. A classical and revolutionary way to end her debut EP.

This is not the end of her reign, it is only just the beginning!

Nevertheless, this becomes an impressive introduction to the world of Ren Zukii. Monarch immediately becomes one of the most thrilling EP this summer. Whether you are craving something different, Ren Zukii showcases the wide range of skills and genres that she is capable of achieving. If you are wanting to feel empowered within yourself and wanting to have that “f*ck the world and what it wants me to be” kinda energy, this EP is for you. Ren Zukii makes her inaugural debut with Wakaan, one to truly remember. Therefore becoming one of our newest favorite artists to keep on our radar for the remainder of 2022. Since this truly is just the beginning for Ren Zukii!

Enjoy the impressive debut from Ren Zukii below!

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