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Electric Hawk is BACK with the next installment of our Visual Arts series. As you (should) know, Visual Artists and VJ’s are so important to the experiences we all enjoy – whether it’s from our couches, or in the crowd.

Chicago-based Vinnie Evans, AKA Visual VIN-E, has had a killer 2020. He’s showcased his art for producers such as DMVU, Levitation Jones, and G-Space – one of which you might get to see at the end of this article.

We were lucky enough to be able to ask VIN-E some questions and pick his brain about his experiences in Visual Art.

Abby Price-Offermann, Electric Hawk: Thanks so much for doing this with us! We are so happy to have you.

To start out: when did you first say, “this is the shit I want to do”? What pushed you to make those first steps?

Visual VIN-E: I started attending music festivals and shows back in 2014 and quickly fell in love with the bass/dubstep genre. GRiZ and Excision, being smaller names than they are now, still had that atmosphere and vibe that I really enjoyed because of one: the music, and two: the production – visuals and lasers. After studying videos I’ve taken [at shows], I realized “woah – the visuals behind the DJ bring everything together. I want to do THAT!”

Abby, EH: Tell us one thing you wish you would have known when you were starting out as a visual artist. Anything you’d go back and tell a young VIN-E?

VIN-E: Honestly, just create and dive into it. I’ve always been an artist at heart but stuck to the same mediums of art expression: graphic design, drawing, painting, etc. It wasn’t until college where I told myself to switch it up and actually try what I want to try. Breaking out and trying new things are a key thing for an artist to become better.

APO, EH: Give us three words that describe your “signature style.”

VIN-E: Nature. Space. Fractal.

Abby, EH: Where do you draw inspiration? What do you normally do to get a charge of creativity?

VIN-E: Most of my inspiration comes from music, science fiction and nature…. But, just about anywhere really. You can find art anywhere or even consider something, someone else may not consider, as art. I love movies like Lord of the Rings and games like Skyrim so I would say that fictional time period draws a major inspiration to me outside of music. Most importantly, all the artist homies are a huge inspiration, something about seeing friends prosper gives me so much drive.

Abby, EH: SO PURE! I love that. If you could provide visuals for any artist at any festival or venue, who and where would it be?

VIN-E: I could write a book on who I want to VJ for. To narrow it down, I would say Resonant Language or Mickman at InfraSound!

Abby, EH: 2020 has been… a wild ride to say the least. What have you learned this year that you feel has been helpful to your growth as VIN-E?

VIN-E: Time and schedule management is very important to keep track of deadlines. Take care of your body and check that posture while working for multiple hours! Also, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!

Abby, EH: So, what’s next on your radar?

VIN-E: Really, just going with the flow as I’m taking care of things outside of my art. No major plans as of yet but I am opening my commissions soon for people who would like to get a project going. Some news about an EP I’ll be a part of, with some homies and a familiar visual artist, will be announced pretty soon. OH, I’m dropping VIN-E BEAN-E’s!

Abby, EH: What is one thing you want people to know about being a visual artist?

VIN-E: Well it’s definitely a lot of fun when you get the hang of your craft, that goes for any form of art! But, if people are interested in starting out, there’s PLENTY of free programs to get started out in, including the program I use myself, MandelBulb3D. Don’t let the programs scare you, and have fun creating!

Yooooo, check out VIN-E’s set with G-Space – it’s freaking tight.

Check out more of VIN-E’s work here!

We’ve been so grateful for all of the work Visual VIN-E has done for us and across the virtual board. If you or someone you know is an awesome visual artist who you think deserves to be spotlighted by Electric Hawk, contact Managing Director, Abby via Twitter DM or email –!

And next time you’re in the chat, be sure to express your thanks to both the DJ and the VJ. Be on the lookout for the next edition of our Visual Arts series!

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