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We LOVE Vindata, and he must love us back. “No Service” dropped on Valentine’s Day via Monstercat, serving us bright synths and crisp percussion. It’s a perfect rap-electronic hybrid, featuring the high-energy vocals of Bay Area rapper, Ozer. This year, V-Day means Vindata Day.

“No Service” is the story of escaping life’s worries, allowing an intentional focus on what lies ahead. Ozer encourages listeners to:

Vibe out to the track and put your phone on airplane mode to avoid life’s distractions. Sorry for not replying, all 2023 I don’t have ‘No Service.’


February is Black History Month, and “No Service” celebrates the Black roots of dance music.

This collaboration is a great example of what February is all about – appreciating culture, supporting each other, remembering where we came from, and working together.

Branden Ratcliff, AKA Vindata

Formerly a duo, Branden Ratcliff continues the Vindata project solo, taking it in a new direction that more strongly embraces groove and funk. Starting early in 2023, “No Service” sets a new tone for Vindata.

We had the amazing opportunity to ask Vindata some questions about “No Service,” Black History Month, and the development of this project over time!

vindata no service portrait
Vindata, shot by @sylvia_studios

Abby Price-Offermann, EH: I am a huge fan of your music – I covered …With Opened Eyes back in 2021 and “Favor” is probably one of my top 10 tracks of all time. That being said, “No Service” is FIRE and I am stoked to add it to my regular rotation!

APO: Tell me what makes this track special for you and if there is anything you want listeners to know when listening.

Vindata: This track epitomizes the new direction of Vindata. It pulls from the influences I’ve always incorporated (like hip-hop) and fuses it with other subgenres that I’ve been exploring more recently, like Garage, House, and Amapiano.

APO: Beyond genres, you also cite iconic Black artists including DJ E-Clyps, Life On Planets, and HoneyLuv as influences for this track. We’re in the midst of Black History Month and Black artists have paved the way for dance music. What have you learned from those who came before you/your peers? 

Vindata: I’ve learned perseverance from the Black dance artists that came before me, and I’ve learned fellowship and to support my peers. 

APO: What is the most important thing listeners can do to support Black artists, not just in February but all the time?

Vindata: The obvious thing to do is to support our music and shows. But, more importantly, stop looking at Black electronic artists and Black fans as guests in a genre created by Black folks. Understand the history behind the music we all came to love. 

APO: Similarly, in an ideal world, what would music industry professionals be doing consistently to more effectively support and uplift Black artists?

Vindata: Diversify lineups and rosters. To be clear, I’m not talking about tokenism. But there are tons of deserving Black artists who are amazing at what they do, and more people should know of them. 

APO: What was it like collaborating with Ozer on “No Service?”

Vindata: Working with Ozer was dope. I was introduced to him via Monstercat A&R Chelsea Shear. He came in with great energy and we vibed pretty quickly. It was very natural the way we bounced ideas off of each other. 

APO: You’ve collaborated with so many amazing musicians and vocalists. Are there any that have stood out to you as most impactful? In what ways?

Vindata: There are so many talented artists I’ve been blessed to work with. All of them had something special about them, otherwise I wouldn’t have been down to collab. But a few that stand out in my head are Anderson.Paak, Skrillex, Kenzie May, Melanie Fontana, Leeuw, Nstasia, and Maurice Moore. 

APO: A lot has happened since you started the Vindata project. It’s been a decade(!!!) since your first releases on Soundcloud and Spotify. How has your approach to music changed over time? What is different now?

Vindata: Yes, this project has been going on for a while now. I’ve experienced so much. I’ve continued to grow and experiment with my ever-evolving sound. But I still approach each song the same. It always starts and ends with how I feel. I let my emotions about each instrument carry the track. 

Finally, we know everyone asks this question, but what’s coming in 2023 and beyond for Vindata after “No Service?”

I have big plans this year. Expect to hear a newly refreshed sound from me and a reshaped approach to my performances. Stay tuned!

Do yourself a Favor listen to “No Service” by Vindata and Ozer now:

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