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Ravenscoon carefully constructs a cinematic collection of music on his brand new EP, Rapid Eye Movements. With 4 tracks in total, produced in the same key and tempo, Ravenscoon tells an emotive story that pulls you in the second you press play. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be mesmerized.

Ravenscoon 'Rapid Eye Movements'
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Paul Conversano is a blossoming bass-music artist who’s consistently turning out jams. Paul’s heavy influences from death metal and punk rock are the likely suspects for his ability to make face-scrunching dubstep tracks. But the finesse that Ravenscoon applies when creating a seamless project like Rapid Eye Movements is a skill that cannot be taught. This cohesiveness urges the listener to not just hear, but experience. And experience we did.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is a stage of sleep when the activity of your brain’s neurons is comparable to when you’re awake. In REM sleep, your eyes dance behind your eyelids in complete tandem. Even the visually impaired, who don’t typically experience visual imagery while dreaming, still experience REM sleep. Some suggest that this is the side effect of the brain processing eye-related procedural memory. But the propensity of the sleeper to dream vividly during REM sleep is what makes this an interesting inspiration for an EP.

“Nystagmus” starts this body of work with pure dub nectar.

A distorted vocal sample from the 2001 experimental adult-animated film Waking Life— a philosophical must-watch– launches you into an introspective atmosphere. The first drop is heavy with bass and littered with echoing synths that I really enjoyed. But the second drop has those deep-dub cuts that shake the speakers. And “Showin’ Out” carries this high-energy momentum into the second half of the EP.

In the title track, “Rapid Eye Movements,” Ravenscoon takes a more euphoric approach in sound design. While plenty of bass is still present, arpeggiating synthesizers surround you in an ethereal aura. And, once applied, the combination of these elements creates a lasting impression.

I wanted it to feel like you were falling backwards into an endless beautiful abyss, surrounded by green energy.

Ravenscoon on “Rapid Eye Movements”

Then, our journey comes to a close with “Awake.” A monumental collaboration with CASHFORGOLD. Since its premiere on thissongslaps, this track has invaded my headspace. Claiming the sultry vocals from CASHFORGOLD are “good” is an enormous understatement. Almost 6 minutes of sounds collide in divine fashion to round out Ravenscoons sophomore EP. The pair combine to drive further this concept of a “beautiful abyss.” Making this a fitting destination to an incredible ride.

Please stop sleeping on this man.

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