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Get ready to dance, everyone! R3HAB is back to his dance roots with “Thinking About You.” This track follows up on R3HAB’s recent pop-flavored releases and it’s perfect. 

The lineup of those poptastic tracks are “Miss U More Than U Know” with Sofia Carson and “Besame (I Need You)” with TINI and Reik. With this new release, R3HAB is back in touch with his dance roots. R3HAB kicked off his career in 2017 with his debut album Trouble. Fast forward to now and he has his own label – CYB3RPVNK.

The beautiful vocalist on this track is Winona Oak. You can also hear her on The Chainsmokers album, Sick Boy. She is rising up on the score board with her debut EP, Closure – out on Atlantic Records. 

R3HAB Thinking About You

This euphoric track kicks off with shimmering bright synths with Winona’s lusciously inflected vocals blending in. A hefty bassline and crisp percussion imbue the rhythm with a contagious throbbing pace while layers of gleaming colors travel underneath. 

Hopefully we get to hear this track on the dance floor soon so we can grab our lover close and tight. For now – I will be thinking about my ex and texting them. 

Stream “Thinking About You” down below and let us know what you think!

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