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The Electric Hawk Team made a mistake for assigning a Slang Dogs song to me…

Anyways, we got a slapper of a remix of Badrapper’s Versace Pills from the boys. This remix has deep bass, sexy bass, gritty bass, and bass that makes your brain go brrrrrrrrrrr. Slang Dogs takes Badrapper’s high energy OG and turns it into a tune from the depths of hell. So It is time for my big brain to go brrrrrrr and find out why I simp for Slang Dogs so much…

Here is an example of the simping BTW,

Lets search the internet for some Versace Pills and listen to this jam.

We get creepy from the beginning then Maria comes in asking the plug for some Versace pills. Excellent storytelling. We get the riser and the alarms then the DJ PLAY IT before the sexiest drop of your entire life. We get the Slang Dog’s sloppy signature sensational bass that rings in the eardrums before we get some more strange leads and basses. The DRUMS THOUGH, HELL YEAH, you can hear those thick babbies pound your Toyota Camry speakers into a fine powder. Drop two gives you the brain goes brrrrrrrrr vibes. Vibrating basslines sandwiching in between unique basslines just makes me CUM. 

Okay okay, the simping is over, but just for the song.

Slang Dogs are like a Swedish army knife. The boys (sorry, men) can hit you with any set in the world and make it conform around their sound. Just a bass music set? They got that on lock. A house set? Shit, I’ll shuffle to the devil playing some flutes. A drum and bass set? Alright, you got Mary crying in the corner now.

Slang Dogs are on the prowl, they will reach the top of the pack and when they do, WE WILL ALL SIMP MUAHAHAHAHAH. 

P.S. Please play my kids birthday party.

Listen to the Versace Pills Remix here:

Simp over Slang Dogs
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