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Alright, fam, let’s give you something new to sink your teeth into. Purporangejuice just dropped his latest track, “Purpleorange,” via Warpaint Records, and it’s just as sweet as it sounds. This track is serving us our daily recommended amount of experimental dance goodness, a tall glass of intricate sounds, instrumentals, and bouncing bass.

Purpleorangejuice via DK Productions

Purporangejuice is a Pasadena-based musician and producer that’s testing limits and breaking boundaries. Typically defined by atmospheric soundscapes integrated with R&B rhythms and experimental, lo-fi beats. Each release continues to propel Purp further into the underground scene, his latest being no different.

“Purpleorange” is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before

I remember making this song, spending a week on it and everyday not knowing what I would do next. It was the first time where I went into the project with a general idea but had no expectations for how it was to sound. I tapped in and just let whatever I felt flow out of me. To me the song was a growing point for my music and my way of production. I’m so excited to share it with you! 

Purporangejuice via Instagram

This is one of those restart before you even finish the first listen type beats. Purporangejuice showcases all of his skill-sets with this track. With dreamy beats, razor-sharp glitches and breaks, and an irresistibly catchy hook tying it all together. Not to mention, this track is just fun to listen to. Every time I hit play, I find some new aspect to love. “Purpleorange” is not only a bangin’ song but a labyrinth of sounds.

Stream “Purpleorange” below!

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