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Step inside the spaceship. Psyoctave has landed from their latest outer space expedition providing us earthlings with a brand new single. Recruiting some of their extraterrestrial friends, ‘Neutralize’ takes you on a mind-altering experience through the cosmos. 

If you aren’t familiar with Psyoctave, now would be a great time to become accustomed. The duo from Middletown, NY has been causing a commotion with their hard-hitting bass from a galaxy far away. Colliding signature dubstep sounds with gigantic amounts of bass, percussion & low-end frequencies has proven to give us bassheads tingles in our jingles. Their latest single is no different, as the boys continue their adventure into another dimension.

The track begins with deep and sinister vocals providing the feeling of an alien abduction. Overlay effects help execute the blackness that begins to engulf our mind and body. Suddenly, the beat is mutilated as we briefly make out a martian’s voice informing us that “the human has been neutralized”. At this point, it’s as good as anyone’s guess to try to understand the madness ensuing.  All we know is that our physical existence is no longer. 

The track drops into a frenzy of distorted drum patterns and we are left trying to process that our spaceship has been compromised. Good luck trying to escape from the madness at this point. Just as we are left with a second to comprehend what in the hell is happening, BAM! Another eruption occurs as the beat scratches and sputters transporting our minds into the alien life forms. We are left helplessly trying to claw our way out. This is your warning.

Stream the new single from Psyoctave below and be sure to keep it locked right here on Electric Hawk for all news regarding this fearsome duo.

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