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We love Floret Loret. We love capshun. And together? A phenomenal duo who created masterful “Quintessence,” released February 19, 2020.

Released via Bonsai Collective, “Quintessence” embodies the stunning sound of both wildly talented, up-and-coming bass music producers. This first track off capshun’s upcoming EP has a cohesive flow and exciting bassline, perfectly layered to span genres. The dynamic track features so many aspects of what makes us love electronic music – dreamy synth, booming bass, crispy percussion, and manipulated vocal samples.

We expected great things out of a collaboration from these two kings of the underground. But this track blows those expectations out of the water.

In the cold and dark of winter, this bright bass track comes at the perfect time. It reminds us of fresh outside air, the return of greenery, and a need to grab your nearest hoop or poi and head into the nearest park. Thanks for pulling us one step further away from seasonal depression, gentlemen. We really needed it.

While Texas-based capshun is looking forward to the release of his OKAMI EP, Florida-based Floret Loret is coming off a hot collaboration with P A T H. 2020 is looking to be a big year for both as they continue to wow us with their talent.

Don’t sleep on capshun’s upcoming OKAMI EP, out March 11, and stream “Quintessence” below.

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