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Sometimes, two things that seem so different from each other can make so much sense together. Whether it be wine with cheese, or sweet and savory in one bite. These opposites can turn out to be something extraordinary. And that is exactly what MAKESHFT gives us in his new EP CYBERWAVE. He mixes funky house vibes, synth, wave, mid-tempo, dark techno feels, and futuristic bass all into one four-track project.

MAKESHFT gives us a look into the inspiration behind this project:

Synthwave culture has always been a root of my ‘sound’. I love the cheesey ’80s action movies that showcase those synths, drums & so on. This project literally woke me up from sleep. Around 2 am I woke up & wrote it down. The image stuck onto it afterward.


MAKESHFT has been a creator and performer in the EDM community since he was 19. Formally known as Tevin, he describes his signature sound as “Cyberwave” – hence the title of the EP. He recently made his debut as direct support for Barely Alive and has releases backed by Synesthesia Label and NewRetroWave. He will also be performing a set on the Virtual Music Festival, The Abyss Experience.

We are requesting every song off this EP at the DJ booth.

Unfortunately, with everything going on right now it may be a little tough to do what this EP really makes us want to do. Which is shake our booties in the club.

Fortunately, we can guarantee though – once the clubs are poppin again, we are requesting the entire thing start to finish. This four track project is upbeat, fun and chill at the same time. With Mortal Combat type vibes, it’s as if you’re in a battle with yourself to never stop groovin’. The crazy and intense buildups keep you on the edge of your seat just thirsting for the next drop. 80’s synthwave definitely meets dark house techno.

All of us at Electric Hawk are majorly impressed with MAKESHFT and he has left us no choice but to stan. We cannot wait to see what else he has planned for us and the rest of his fan base. Listen to the CYBERWAVE EP from MAKESHFT here!



But, you know what goes really good together? Maybe even better than a booty shaking house track? Education and awareness. If you’re looking for ways to educate yourself and contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, check out this site.

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