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Remember those days when you were young? When you were looking forward to summer camp with your friends? Camp Sundown set out on an adventure aiming for nostalgia. The official debut of their new project kicks off with bass-house heater, “Boom Chicka Boom”.

Once the song starts, you’ll immediately realize something very familiar.

Remember the echo of you and your friends screaming “I SAID A BOOM CHICKA BOOM”? Yup, that’s it chief. Nostalgia. Starting with the chanting vocals, you’ll be immediately sucked in. Following the chant, we’re hit with an absolutely nasty bass-house drop. From there forward there’s not left to do other than get the fuck down.

Camp Sundown has 3 simple rules- stay hydrated, make memories, and STAY OUT of the administration office.

Lucas and Robert, who make up Camp Sundown, are both California natives. Lucas is an Icon Collective Alumni who found Robert by the dumpster of a local Vons. The mission of their music is to create a breath of fresh air and let the listener feel young again.

Listen to “Boom Chicka Boom” here!

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