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Porter Robinson finally gives the people what they have been wanting and needing by presenting Nurture, his highly anticipated second album. Porter creates a sense of a safe space for listeners and navigates into new sounds on the album. It contains fourteen cinematic-like, majestic compositions that truly convey a whirlwind of emotions through a journey in sound. He crafts them in such a way that makes you feel everything he wants you to at every point of the album. It’s about the everlasting journey of finding yourself. It reminds us that life has its ups and downs—but without the lows, there can’t be highs. Overall, he just makes us feel… nurtured. 

Please, enjoy this photo of Porter holding the beloved album.

Porter Robinson holding Nurture
Via Porter’s Twitter

Let’s take a walk through some of our favorites off Nurture.

The album starts with “Lifelike” and makes us feel like walking home after a long night while the sun is rising. It feels like a new day, like a new opportunity, with its slowly turning upbeat piano and violin connecting ethereally together.

The second track, “Look at the Sky” gives us his first album, Worlds, type of energy and the electronic chorus-backed vocals blend beautifully with the hard-hitting basses. Porter is known to provide us with iconic lyrics that resonate in the hearts of many and in his second track he says:

Look at the sky I’m still here, I’ll be alive next year, I can make something good.”

“Look at the Sky”, Porter Robinson

Further down the tracklist, in “dullscythe,” Porter plays piano trickery on our ears and feeds us the experimental energy we love.

While track thirteen, “Unfold,” with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is remnant of “Sea of Voices” from Worlds.

Porter ends the album on a beautiful note with “Trying to Feel Alive,” and describes his feelings about the song…

This song was me trying to make sense of the whole journey, trying to figure out what changed… Am I satisfied… the answer I came to is that satisfaction isn’t the real goal. If you accomplish everything you’re striving for, you’ll stop looking forward… Here I am on the other side of this, still struggling with making music, still not necessarily feeling whole, but beginning to wonder that maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe making music is my way of trying to feel alive, over and over again.

Porter Robinson on “Trying to Feel Alive”

Beautifully said, Porter. Nurture is a 10/10. Stream the album below and tune in to the Secret Sky Festival TONIGHT!

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