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There is nothing like being stuck in a bubble of expectations of what others expect you to create as an artist. However, for Pauline Herr, she’s not afraid to surpass all of that and break through with creativity on her latest EP Contradictions released through Seeking Blue. Contradictions is an EP that shatters the ceiling and has listeners astonished by the world Pauline Herr has created.

Pauline Herr isn’t afraid to showcase her emotions.

It isn’t hard to distinguish the recognizable vocals and admired production of Pauline Herr. Over the years, Herr has become a household name within the electronic scene. With her EP Contradictions, she continues to exceed all expectations by creating tracks that become timeless and relatable to anyone that pays close attention.

In the past, Pauline Herr has shown that she isn’t afraid to take risks by pouring her heart out to the public. Typically discussing topics about mental health, relationships, and finding a sense of purpose. And Contradictions doesn’t shy away from that same vulnerability. Pauline Herr has created her own kind of universe, allowing the audience to feel welcomed in expressing their own emotions. Therefore the listeners, begin to feel confident in themselves by knowing they aren’t going through it alone.

pauline herr contradictions
Photo by PIXUHL / Artwork by Pauline Her

A deeper dive into Contradictions.


Pauline Herr brings a colorful introduction to Contradictions. The intro flows with a continuous buildup throughout the track and faint vocals in the background. The track seems to be filled with emotions while a new flame sparks. Herr, gets the audience prepped for what is to come on the rest of the EP.


A euphoric melody brings us to reminisce about old crushes. “Dodgeball” brings back those emotions when we were teenagers – the pure sense of falling for someone for the first time. A feeling that is hard to replicate nowadays. Pauline Herr, brings the nostalgic feeling into reality. I’m sure the majority of us can relate to having a crush we can’t stop thinking about, lingering in our mind, when we were young.

“And now I’m holding onto something that never was, yeah. The memories are all I have.” A signature line from Pauline Herr that makes you think about those emotions we just haven’t let go of yet. Being scared about letting them go since the feelings that lie in those memories can never be recreated again.

“This is Gonna Be Hard

This flashy Hyperpop track catches your attention immediately. Pauline Herr, challenges herself to focus on a different style that most people aren’t used to. With the genre of Hyperpop growing itself, Herr puts her own spin on it by talking about new flames that spark in our lives.

The lyrics, “This is gonna be hard,” repeating throughout the track, remind us of the struggles that come with persuading someone to tell you how they truly feel. Ahh, the difficulties of dating and figuring out if they too feel the same way about you. Pauline Herr doesn’t seem scared to ask the real questions as she sings, “I’m not playing games, do you feel the same?” during the second verse of the track. “This is Gonna Be Hard” is that perfect track to listen to as you try to conquer the world around you.  

“True Colors”

Now, let us slow things for a moment. A moment floats along to the hypnotic echospace that Pauline Herr has created for us. The echoing lyrics engulf the world and we begin to feel mesmerized by the melody of “True Colors.” This track shines in the simplicity of feeling lost and alone. It is a powerful emotion that can be brought out of us all.

“Maybe you just weren’t the one…” that heartbreaking sentiment that rips along the soul of the audience. That aftermath thought that we all have encountered, whether it be a loved one or even a friend. One of the shorter tracks on Contractions, “True Colors” leaves you in a state of curiosity. It’s a track that isn’t done justice by just a singular listen – especially when you pay attention to the production elements that Pauline Herr placed for us.


This is the first single that Pauline Herr released from Contradictions earlier this year. “Selfish” gives you a different side of Herr that she hasn’t shown before. A more vocal-driven track that showcases a combination of dazzling percussion and trap-based influences.

I wrote this song about that craving you have for someone that’s just out of reach and the way they keep you around with their unpredictability.

Pauline Herr, “Selfish”

Herr reveals the darker side of just wanting to crave someone. Instead of focusing on the romantic aspect, it can be an intoxicating feeling instead. “Selfish” is a simple dark ballad, dancing around the temptations we have once we start to set our hearts on someone who is unreachable. The beautiful inconstancies that keep us longing for them more.

“No Goodbyes”

We have reached the end of Contradictions and Pauline Herr takes a moment to make the world around her still. The soundscape she has created throughout the entire EP comes together to create this eternal wonderland. A track that allows you to fall and reflect on all the small moments in your life that brought you to this exact moment. She leaves us with a final message to ponder as the EP comes to a close, “I wonder what we could’ve been…” – a haunting last line that will constantly stick with the listener after it’s all over.

This is not the even the beginning. Pauline Herr continues to climb.

Pauline Herr continues to surpass all expectations and there is no sign of stopping for her. From the continuous workload, experimenting with new sounds, and crossing boundaries within her own sound. Herr will never be put into a box no matter how hard you try. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning of the rising climb for Pauline Herr this year. As she begins to prepare on her festival circuit, performing at Lake Brownies and Lemonade, Insomniac’s Lost in Dreams, and Slander’s Starbase Festival later this year. All while also teasing more tour dates in the future. If you are given the chance, Pauline Herr is not an artist you want to miss seeing!

Get emotional and listen to Pauline Herr’s Contradictions EP! If you shed a single tear, let us know!

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