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The secret is out, and Pauline Herr shares it with us through her latest single “Obsession.” Released this Friday, October 29th via Night Mode, she welcomes us into the whimsical world of her heart. And if you’re ready to find your next obsession, Pauline Herr is ready to share this little piece of her heart with you, too.

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This track has become an instant “Obsession”

Throughout the track, you fall into this vibrant soundscape of melodic and dreamy synths. Alongside this is a slight drum and bass influence that replicate the butterflies that flutter inside whenever you become infatuated. In the background, an echoing phrase “You’re my obsession” haunts the atmosphere throughout the track. It seemingly mirrors those lingering thoughts that never seem to escape our minds while in love.

Pauline Herr highlights dopamine rushes and intensifying attraction in “Obsession.” Herr, never too shy for vulnerability and wearing her heart on her sleeve, she shows us what it’s like to admire someone deeply. With all the sparkles, butterflies, and clouds that animate around you while you continue to listen, you won’t be able to stop your lips from curving as you, too, begin fantasizing about that special someone along with Pauline.

Pauline Herr continues to illuminate in the spotlight.

The spotlight has never stopped shining on Pauline Herr. She is about to finish a busy fall schedule after touring with RL Grime and a few festivals. With the release of her EP Contradictions, the Pauline Herr stock is skyrocketing. Herr continues to not put herself into a box while pushing through her own boundaries. She stays on the climb from her amazing highs this year. The crowd noise is roaring and is purely starstruck for Pauline Herr right now. If the name Pauline Herr isn’t on your radar yet, we suggest you add her as she continues to blossom within the scene. Pauline Herr will become your next “Obsession.”

Our newest “Obsession” is here. Listen to Pauline Herr’s newest track below!

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