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Hailing from Toronto, Samantha Infusini, or Canabliss is a born creative to her very core. With what can only be referred to as an artistic eye, her background is a colorful palette of different mediums, ranging from photography, music and immersing herself in the digital world through video games. 

Canabliss has earned the title of an autodidact, otherwise known as a self-taught musician. Although her deeply rooted love of electronic music originally sparked through the Canabliss project, her honed production skills speak loudly for themselves through the music she releases today. This week, she released her debut EP on Wakaan, Plasma.


Quickly garnering attention, her sound resonates throughout all corners of the music community. Much like her passion for all types of artwork, her music is not caged to any one genre and floats primarily between experimental and future bass. Carving out her own space to express and empower, Canabliss has already brought her engaging sets to the live stages and is well on her way to sharing her creative vision with the masses.

Fresh off the release of her latest EP, Plasma, we sat down with Canabliss to talk touring, mental health, what’s next for the project, and more.

AM: You finally received your visa to perform in the U.S. this year! That’s so exciting. What city are you looking forward to the most to travel to this year?

C: I’m so incredibly thankful. I’m stoked to perform in every city out here, but I really can’t wait for Denver since the scene there is crazy cool. Since it’s winter, I’m also really excited to perform in the warmer cities as well!

AM: Currently on tour with Liquid Stranger, you’re able to express and share your music in a live setting as opposed to Canada’s strict lockdown. What does it feel like?

C: It feels absolutely amazing! Living life with the lockdowns for so long was extremely taxing on my motivation and inspiration. But, ever since I’ve been out here performing and experiencing shows again, I feel like myself for the first time in a really long time, and I am so very thankful for that.

AM: What’s it like working alongside LS, Mersiv, TvBoo, and Veil throughout the tour each day? Any cool stories or inside jokes yet?

C: It has been such an amazing experience working alongside all these awesome artists. We have certainly become like a little family living in such close quarters. My favourite story so far is all of us dancing in the back of the bus together to hip-hop celebrating after our favourite shows.

Canabliss on tour
Photo by Shutter Klick

AM: For touring musicians, it’s now more often talked about how important mental health while on the road is. What do you like to do to stay grounded and focused while on tour?

C: Mental health is definitely the priority! So far, I’ve learned getting proper sleep is definitely the most important. It can be really easy to stay up until ridiculous hours while playing late shows, so making sure you get yourself in bed at a decent hour is crucial. Also, keeping up with your normal routine, like eating properly and taking your vitamins, helps tremendously!

What’s Next for Canabliss?

AM: As you have some awesome events coming up this summer and the rest of 2022, are you looking forward to all of the new connections you’ll create? What’s on your bucket list for this year?

C: After experiencing so much isolation throughout the pandemic, forming connections is something I’ve been extra thankful for this tour. I’m really looking forward to creating even more in the future. I’m super stoked to be playing my first festivals ever and traveling more to play my music around the country!

AM: Do you think that you have a “signature sound” as Canabliss, or, will the project continue to evolve over time?

C: I think I certainly have started to find a signature sound, but there is always plenty of room for improving and evolving it. There are so many things to continue to learn when it comes to producing, and I think it makes it all the more fun and challenging. I plan never to stop advancing and developing my project.

AM: Who is your dream collaboration?

C: There are so many people! My favourite artists of all time are Ivy lab, Flume, and Odesza. So any of those would be insane. It would also be super fun to collaborate with anyone I’m on tour with right now!

AM: Outside of producing music, what other activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

C: Outside of producing music, I really enjoy playing video games. (I have an embarrassingly large amount of days played on Warzone over the past couple of years.) Also, I really love cooking and baking and learning new recipes; it’s almost meditative to me. Also, I’m a huge fan of snowboarding but haven’t been able to get on the hills much since they were closed last year due to the lockdowns, and this year I’m on the road, but I can’t wait to be able to do that again!

Photo by: MigPxl

We’re so excited to watch her journey unfold. Keep your eye out for Canabliss this year, there’s a whole lot more where that came from 🙂

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