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Experimental sound engineer, Griffen Wilcox, AKA P A T H recently released the final single off his Dissolving Light EP. And WOW. He combines many elements of emotion and intelligent sound design to create one hell of a project. This 6-track EP gives us a peek into P A T H’s creative mind.

Griffen expands on his process saying,

My goals for sound design have always revolved around making sounds that I’ve never heard before and noises that make me go ‘Wtf is that’ when I hear them. I remember a while ago reading an article on FM synthesis explaining the reason it’s so appealing to people is that it emulates characteristics of the human voice. That was really intriguing to me and I wanted to see how far I could push that. I think that’s why a lot of my basses and noises sound like screaming, vowels, or talking.  I like to make stuff like that because it makes the songs sound like they’re alive.

And who doesn’t like the sounds that make you go “WTF?” But Dissolving Light is more than that.

 “I learned that life can be heavily uncomfortable at times, and it’s okay to push through that and learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I want the listeners of this project to feel that too.

P A T H on Dissolving Light EP

The EP’s first track, “Broken Sword,” brings a lot of heavy energy to the table with a really cool sound we expanded on here before. “Hypersleep” continues to flex; full of deep bass and experimental high-end synths, and a few elements of trap.

“Deconstruct” is full of manipulated vocal sample use like Griffen explained above. Of course, it comes in a nice crunchy package, with a master that reminds us of other great sound pioneers such as Yheti and Little Snake.

“Annihilation,” “Dissolving Light,” and “Calamity” all bring insanely heavy and crispy samples and synths that will leave your jaw on the floor and brain melted. “Calamity” is probably the grittiest of them all, and even gives a teensy-tiniest dose of hardstyle for the culture.

Dissolving Light EP is full of mechanical samples, eerie ambient noise, and dark vocals — it almost feels like dancing through a horror movie and we’re obsessed with that energy. P A T H beautifully marries left-field bass with dance music’s other elements of comfort, really hitting the nail on the head with his “become comfortable with being uncomfortable” approach. Important both in life, and music discovery!

Listen to all of P A T H’s new Dissolving Light EP here:

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