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The self-proclaimed “CEOs of sleepy bangers,” Otherwise Fine, must know we are all suckers for some straight-up good vibes. There’s no other way to say it, as cheesy as it is. I say this because the Canadian duo has created what is possibly their most blissful release yet! Otherwise Fine and singer Emily Rowed team up on “Shipwreck” and luckily, we have an Exclusive Electric Hawk Premiere of it for you!

Otherwise Fine Shipwreck Emily Rowed Electric Hawk
“Shipwreck” Album Artwork

Otherwise Fine and Emily Rowed combine their strong suits on “Shipwreck.”

Spencer Baird and Jake Sinclair, of Otherwise Fine, are stellar at incorporating energetic and authentic textures into their music to build a super unique sound. Similarly, singer-songwriter, and “professionally sensitive,” Emily Rowed has found abundant success recently. You can catch her music on Netflix Originals and editorial playlists! So clearly, when the three visionaries come together on “Shipwreck” it’s like the stars are aligned. Otherwise fine think so, too.

Otherwise Fine tweeting about “Shipwreck” back in August 2020.
“Shipwreck” getting announced.

“Shipwreck” starts off with a feel-good harmony from Otherwise Fine. Then, the beat builds and Emily’s angelic dream-like vocals take center stage. Together, they make an endlessly playable tune bound to lift anyone’s spirits. Here’s to hoping we continue to get breathtaking hits like “Shipwreck” from Otherwise Fine!

Stream our Exclusive Electric Hawk Premiere of Otherwise Fine’s “Shipwreck” (feat. Emily Rowed), below.

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