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Glacci inspires euphoria in his latest single, “LCD Sunscream.” This upbeat track finds its home with the Florida-based label, The Wave Stage. Glacci is currently based in Nottingham, where his music invites sunshine through the United Kingdom’s cloudy nature. He has remixed and produced for artists such as Mikey Dollaz, Above & Beyond, and Seven Lions. “LCD Sunscream” is an energetic and flowery soundscape that has us craving summertime.

Glacci teases “LCD Sunscream” release and introduces bigger upcoming plans.

Glacci warms up our winter with “LCD Sunscream”

“LCD Sunscream” opens up playfully and immediately induces uplifting emotions. Glacci utilizes soaring synths and creates a happy nostalgia; it is reminiscent of days at the beach or laying out by a pool. The breakdown adds a bit of intensity. In contrast, darker riffs dominate the breakdown and interrupt the sunny nature of “LCD Sunscream.” However, it does not detract from the uplifting energy. In fact, it’s somewhat reminiscent of a Justice song.

A headshot of Glacci.

Glacci envokes multiple emotions in “LCD Sunscream,” but the most prominent is the warm nostalgia. We are personally reminded of driving around on summery days. This game-inspired breakbeat track fits perfectly with the classic Spyro trilogy. Check out “LCD Sunscream” and be transported into a sunny future.

Listen to “LCD Sunscream” and be sure to support Glacci!

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