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Lovely music is one thing that will continue helping us through these crazy times and BARDZ has continued to provide the perfect dose. We’re giving you the first listen of BARDZ “Save Myself,” the first single off his forthcoming EP with vocalist Dan Turley. This single barely scratches the surface showing what this duo will bring with Burn Bright.

If you caught the Black Swan stream a few weeks ago, surely you’re a BARDZ simp by now. After showcasing his true range of talents by playing various instruments and doing vocals during the stream, we’ve converted Electric Hawk HQ to the Official BARDZ Fan Club HQ. If you’re into the melodic-sing with the windows down-type tracks, BARDZ is what you’ve been missing in your life.

BARDZ Save Myself
BARDZ via Instagram

Scream the words to BARDZ “Save Myself” with me so I know it’s real. <3

“Save Myself” is a passionate track that perfectly blends dance elements with the ethereal vocals of Dan Turley. The duo explains that “Save Myself” is about “the weight of creative burnout affecting your lifestyle; poor choices begin to wear on you, slipping away from the person you used to be. This new lifestyle is changing you for the worse, and you need out. Nobody can help you, so you must save yourself. And with this realization, the story turns, finding the power to do so within yourself.” We adore the meaning of this dreamy track.

“Save Myself” follows the California natives’ previous release, “I Don’t Belong Here” with Otherwise Fine. It’s safe to say after these 2 tracks we absolutely cannot wait for what’s in store with the rest of Burn Bright!

Get the first listen of BARDZ “Save Myself” here!

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