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When Monty and Alix Perez work together on a project, we listen without question. The two Europeans have worked together before and produced some masterpieces, including “Untitled Malware;” the minimal drum n bass masterpiece was released earlier this year, along with many others. “Dreamer,” to no one’s surprise, is simply phenomenal. After releasing a soulful DnB collab with the talented Visages, Monty delivered the second tune off of his forthcoming album, Hit The Lights. I was expecting more 172, but I was caught off guard when the duo delivered a nice dose of 140. “Dreamer” caught me by surprise and completely blew my doors off.

“Dreamer” has set a high standard for new dubstep releases.

With the explosion of dubstep, saturation of the genre has definitely taken place. While there are countless memorable tunes, finding quality ones can be tough. As is par for the course nowadays, a 1985 track sets a new standard of what to expect. “Dreamer” is a great listen for a number of reasons. What sticks out most vividly to me is the simplicity. Complexity isn’t always the answer, and this duo has supported that claim tremendously.

The two stick with a simple drum pattern throughout the whole tune. The percussion’s clang with conviction, becoming the underlying structure to this piece of work. Meanwhile, Alix Perez and Monty still find ways to flex their sound design. While it remains simple, they incorporate the wide, engulfing bass sounds that we yearn for into the drop. The sounds subtly change and transform as the song moves forward. It’s not an in your face, “Listen to this crazy sound I made,” but more of a smooth glide through different unique noises.

There are a few other elements that make this one so fun. The intro and outro both ominously hang in the air, leaving room to imagine. The dark aura of the tune stands out and creates a distinct mood. This is the type of song that belongs to be shared in a pitch-black basement on a massive sound system. The recognizable vocals are sure to become a trademark. The simple, “Dreamers”, just gets the blood flowing. To no one’s surprise, Monty and Alix Perez left no room for criticism with the dubstep masterclass that is “Dreamer”.

After two terrific releases, expectations for Monty’s Album, Hit The Lights, are through the roof.

After the initial announcement that Monty would be releasing an album with 1985, my excitement jumped. The French artist has quickly become one of my favorites, using his unique style to create masterpieces in both drum n bass and dubstep. His EP, F4DE, that released earlier this year on 1985, was a mere taste of his abilities. This album will be the whole meal. Two songs in, and the anticipation is high. Within these two singles, he has selected some spectacular artists (Visages and Alix Perez) to work with. Hit The Lights releases on December 10th. Mark your calendars folks.

Listen to “Dreamer” by Monty and Alix Perez, out now on 1985 Music.

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