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This morning, ODESZA fans were thrown into a complex fruit bowl of emotions as news of “The Last Goodbye” began to spread. News from ODESZA is what we have been waiting for…but could we regret asking for it?

New music from Washington State-natives Harrison and Clay brings unbridled joy to us. But saying goodbye does not. After entering your email and/or phone number, the website shows a pop-up message which reads, “Welcome to The Last Goodbye.” Speculation is circling on the internet over what this could mean. Looking at the capitalization, could this be the name of their upcoming album? Or could this next project mark the end of ODESZA, and literally symbolize “The Last Goodbye”?

ODESZA released their fourth body of work A Moment Apart in September of 2018. It wasn’t until the end of 2021 that the boys started teasing new music again, after a three-and-a-half-year hiatus from the ODESZA project. We’ve speculated that their new project features a Khalid collab, and now we are desperate to know more. Who else can we expect? Does this potential album include a tour? Will we see ODESZA at festivals in 2022? Is this really the last goodbye?? We need answers!!!

Even if this is the last we hear from the ODESZA project, we know that we will always have the music of their label and collective, Foreign Family. We could even get new music from BRONSON. Not all hope is lost, ODESZA Fam!!

Check out ODESZA’s website for “The Last Goodbye” here.

And just for old times sake, you can find their NO.SLEEP mixes on Soundcloud. We’ll be listening all day:

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