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Rumors have been circling since 2017 – are ODESZA and Khalid working together?

While ODESZA’s roots are primarily based in electronic music, their most recent A Moment Apart album branched out to genres they hadn’t touched previously, including collaborations with international artists like The Chamanas, Leon Bridges, and RY X. It wouldn’t be a bold statement to say that collaborating with a R&B artist might be next on their list.

The tweet below was what started it all…

The two music sensations have a history of supporting each other via social media, but to fans’ dismay, nothing seemed to ever come from the lone interaction.

Until today.

ODESZA and Foreign Family Collective‘s new Discord channel is the place to be for all-things-ODESZA. (If you haven’t joined already, what are you waiting for? Hop in here.) And today, user @obsesza brought up the question we’ve all been asking for the past four years.


The duo may just be teasing, but this seems like a pretty tell tale sign that an ODESZA and Khalid collab couldn’t be too far off. Especially with the amount of new music they’ve been hinting at lately, which we covered in our latest post here. Fingers crossed this collaboration becomes a reality!

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