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This is not a drill. We have solid confirmation that new ODESZA is coming very soon. The only good part of 2021 flying by is that we are closer and closer to new music from some of the best in the game, ODESZA.

New Odesza

Today marks the four-year anniversary of ODESZA’s most recent album, A Moment Apart. The Grammy-nominated album is so special to so many fans of the duo. From the title track “A Moment Apart” all the way to “Corners Of The Earth,” this album did not miss. Of course, there’s no better way to celebrate than to announce that after four very long years, it’s finally happening.

The ultimate mic drop

The boys took to social media just moments ago to celebrate the anniversary of all their past albums, oh, and sprinkled a little “new music in 2022” at the end. The timeline is quaking, we’re already crying, we just put “Sun Models” on repeat, someone hold me.

While we all countdown the seconds until the first single drops – you can read our article featuring every ODESZA unreleased song here.

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