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When I think of drum and bass, my mind immediately goes to Wilkinson, and I’m not alone in that sentiment. An industry leader and pioneer within the dnb world, Wilkinson has been pumping out nothing short of classics since 2011. Over the years, he and Sub Focus have also become an electronic music staple, including their 2020 album release of Portals that landed on our favorite albums of the year.

Ready to take the next plunge in his career, Wilkinson has officially announced the launch of his own record label, Sleepless Music.

The name stemming from his 2013 single, “Sleepless,” trailed by his Sleepless tour, as well as his current, frequently updated Spotify playlist. With his own record label under his thumb, Wilkinson will now have the power to give a platform to his favorite artists and continue to highlight deserving music.

The Instagram account for Sleepless Music, active since March of 2019, reaffirms that this has been no short-term project. Gearing up for the first label release will be a single from Wilkinson himself, expected sometime next week.

New record labels can seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, but our money is on this one creating a significant surge. To submit demos, email We look forward to the outstanding music to come from Wilkinson and Sleepless Music in the future!

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