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A beloved gem from the underground bass scene, Notlö pulls far from the wonderful abyss of her creative mind to deliver 10 deep cutting-edge tracks to remind you she’s not just different, she’s one to watch. Out via Mean Mug Mafia.

Lö Transmissions‘ is an immense compilation packing plenty of heat, filled with fresh sounds, and beautiful attention to detail on every millisecond from start to finish, resonating in the unique sound Notlö has been confidently expressing and building upon every day. But this should be no surprise to us.

Her style is unhinged and gracefully chaotic, with a vast amount of depth of influence from classic dubstep, she still manages to veer away on the path less traveled by curating menacing twist and turns in her productions that keep it joyfully experimental, exactly how we like it and how it should be.


Mean Mug Mafia is kind of the birth place for a plethora of prominent producers to get their big start into bountiful careers in bass music as they’ve long been putting out absolute slamming releases on their label such as Wreckno, Fiyah, and Patches O’ Malley to name a few, so it makes total sense to see Notlö thriving with the debut of this project through them.

Lö Transmissions is a journey that has truly summed up my own journey these past 2 and a half years producing. I want this to serve as a check point in my life and of journey with music. When you hear this project you will exactly know the vibe I am putting across from now on in my project. From deeper and classic style dubstep, to experimental drum and bass music, these are the transmissions I am using to keep you elevated.

Our team went in with zero expectations of what she had poured into this album, and to say she blew our minds away is an understatement. Recruiting some of our favorites like MAD Pritch, Laika Beats, Orphic, and Vindiz, she’s carefully curated an aesthetic through each production that resonates with dark atmospheres and skull-crushing sounds that delight any bass lover.


I want this project to flourish and let people feel the energy I am trying to radiate to the masses, especially during live performances. So this album is for you all, thank you all from the bottom of my heart and a special thanks to my Mean Mug Family and the undergrowth for showcasing this project I have spent almost a year on. I can’t wait to see where these transmissions take me with the NotLö project, it truly has my heart and soul.

We hope you come to appreciate ‘Lö Transmissions’ as much as we did, and we hope moving forward more people start to develop a newfound appreciation for her, as we’re DELIGHTED to see how far she can go.


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