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Get ready for the perfect “hug and cry vibes” track with the new Space Wizard and Super Future track ‘Fractals’ out via Spicy Bois. We’ve all had those moments at festivals where a track just hits you right in the feels – well, this is one of the tracks.

Fractals‘ features out of this world soundscapes over an emotional melody leading up to the drop and then takes you through a journey of euphoria and happiness with the perfect sprinkling of melancholy. It’s perfect for a break in a heavy set or a great addition to something more downtempo.

Fractals Space Wizard
Captured by braxxphotography

This collaboration perfectly features both Space Wizard’s and Super Future’s respective sound. Super Future is down for his more downtempo and chill sound, while Space Wizard lives up to his name and has listeners traveling through dimensions in his tracks.

Nick Rowland aka Super Future said,

Mike (Space Wizard) and I were having fun seeing what sonic boundaries Spicy Bois could push during the come up in 2018/2019, but we kept talking about how timeless, beautiful music will always have a place in people’s hearts. Songs like “You & Me” by Bassnectar… “Collapse” by Zeds Dead… “Promises” by NERO… and songs of the like. Having made the majority of my first music in Future Bass, I had a little bit of melodic experience that really can make a song envoke big emotion. I was really excited that Mike wanted to give that a shot together. 

– Nick Rowland aka Super Future
Adding another element to this epic track is the visuals created by DATABYTE.

DATABYTE’s visuals literally take you through space while seamlessly blending with the track. The intergalactic-inspired visuals mixed with DATABYTE’s abilities to mix shapes and colors produce epic visuals we can’t wait to see on a big screen during a show.

Mike and I started to include this in our sets for the parts that we really wanted to grab people’s attention emotionally. I loved seeing the videos of him saying something inspirational and then closing with our song, I was crying all the way here in MI when I see people loving that shit live! I’m excited to start playing the guitar part live with it now that it’s finished. I’m hoping we can do that together in the same room very soon. The only additional followup I have for that is… expect something equally powerful and bassy next time we release together.

– Super Future

Listen to Space Wizard & Super Future – Fractals

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