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Someone stop us before we act up. Kyle Watson just dropped a new single, “Oh The No,” and it’s single-handedly the sexiest house tune we’ve heard in a long time.

You know when you hear a song and it’s such a distinct sound that you know exactly what artist it is? Yeah, that’s Watson to a T. Giving us almost no time to spare, “Oh The No” serves up a cocktail of bouncy basslines and hypnotizing rhythm. Ass? You best believe it’s getting thrown to this divulging record.

This song makes us miss dancing in dark, packed nightclubs surrounded by sweaty people. We almost put our earplugs in just to feel something again.

The single is out now on Kyle Watson’s label, Box Of Cats. He’ll also be appearing on the virtual at-home Shambhala, so put your best shuffling shoes on.

Now, listen to “Oh The No” by Kyle Watson below!

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