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Buckle up, everyone! Shadient is here to take you on a spiritual journey with his new Infinite Structure EP. This three-track project showcases Shadient’s experimentation with various bass-heavy synths and captivating melodies that will allow us to go to a different state of mind. Infinite Structure marks the third EP in his journey of musical growth. 

Fade” starts off the EP by taking us back to a place of pure nostalgia. Who doesn’t love that feeling? On the track, a faded-out voice speaks, blending with a breathtaking, euphoric drop that marks the end of another chapter.

Infinite Structure EP

 “Erode” transitions effortlessly, with a dash of earth-shattering bass. This track places us in an energetic trace that leaves with a slow, euphoric melody, relaxing the tension in our bodies after that bumpy ride. 

“Miles of Mind” was a preview of what to expect from this new project. This track features the angelic vocals of fknsyd. While her chilling lyrics tug at our hearts, Shadient SLAPS us with a spontaneous UK garage beat. 

Since releasing his Divide EP last year, London-based Shadient has been refining his sound to gear up for this new EP release.

Just when we thought Shadient could not get any better – all of the proceeds from Infinite Structure EP will be split and given directly to Reclaim The Block, North Star Health Collective, and Louisville Community Bail Fund.

Stream the outstanding Infinite Structure EP, out now on GUD VIBRATIONS record label

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