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Do you know what day it is? No? Me either. Just kidding. It’s NEW MUSIC FRIDAY, of course! And hold on to your pashminas because this weeks list, yet again, will blow you away.

First up – Push by Krxnik x Lizzy Jane.

WHEW. Get your bass face ready for this one. We are starting out strong this week!

Next, we have a heavy heater from LINKER.

“Swampy” is the kind of dubstep track that’ll have you kicking down doors and punching holes in your walls. Don’t worry, we’ll patch them up later.

New Eprom? Is it our birthday?? No, just New Music Friday.

Out on Deadbeats, “FleshNet” brings the grit and grime with that classic cinematic Eprom sound. If you see this Eprom, I love you.

We’ve heard “The Prince” before, teased in a couple of Madeon’s sets.

And guess what? Today, we got it. And it’s everything we could have wanted.

We are VIBING to “Supernova” by Jinx on this New Music Friday.

This track starts out smooth like butter and then….BOOM. It explodes into an absolutely filthy honker.

CloZee surprised up with a new remix this week.

“Labyrinth,” originally by Emancipator, was already a phenomenal track, and with a CloZee twist, we pressed that heart faster than you can say “holy shit, this is good.”

If you asked us who the breakout artist of 2020 will be, our money would be on Heimanu.

Especially after his brand new track “Worlds” featured on the Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 compilation album. The sheer talent… PHEW.

Rounding out our New Music Friday, we have some future bass you’ll love.

Ever hear of Slip Beats? Us either.

Now you have, and you should keep them on your radar. “Trapped in Pastel” is a beautiful track, and we’re excited to listen to more from Slip Beats.

Last but not least: MEMBA!! In this house, we love Foreign Family.

And this track is no exception. “Strider” is a magnificent soundscape, and we’ve had it on repeat for 24 hours now.

As always, theres one million (at least) more songs, EPs, and albums released today. If we could list every single new track for you, we would. New music breathes new life into us every week as we wait for live shows to return – and just think of all the fresh sets we are going to get!!

Until next time, hawks. Thanks for reading!

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