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It’s no secret Moody Good is a sound design pioneer. He has been excelling in a league of his own for a while. And in many cases, remix EPs are not to everyone’s liking. However, the new Goofball EP: Repackaged is not one of these cases.

So believe us when we say the remixes are worth a listen. Moody Good’s impactful Goofball EP got a Never Say Die (NSD) makeover. NSD is home to some of the best heavy dubstep producers, old and new.

The monstrous Goofball EP was remixed by Kill The Noise, Kompany, TYNAN, and Ookay.

These guys did it justice.

To begin the remix project, Kill The Noise rattles off an absolute unit with his rendition of “SIXTYSIXTY.” As if the original “SIXTYSIXTY” and the “SIXTYSIXTY (VIP)” wasn’t already heavy enough, here’s the cherry on top.

Kill The Noise delivers a never-ending punch that leaves your bass face sore and mind blown.

He shows off multiple of his own top-tier production skills while also highlighting many of Moody Good’s too.

Next up Kompany takes on “Squeeky Clean.” The original is very high-end and bouncy, while Kompany’s remix is still keeping that high and bouncy element, but explores it in a different way more similar to other artists like Eliminate.

Third on the EP, psychedelic “Anti-Acid” gets a breath of new life by TYNAN, another king of trippy and fun, heavy sound design. This time the tempos raised to get your dancing feet out while keeping the original gritty sounds we love.

To wrap up the bass bomb, Ookay‘s “Jimmytics” remix. This one keeps that intelligent beat making while dropping some insane classic dubstep sound, but let’s just let the album speak for itself.

Listen to Moody Good’s Goofball EP: Repackaged out on all platforms 1/31/2020.

Keep up with TYNAN, Kill The Noise, Kompany, and more Never Say Die Records artists here.

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