SLANDER and Moody Good Release ‘Heart Break’ Remix Package

The biceps have returned with enough power to cause an earthquake. SLANDER and Moody Good bring back their iconic “Heart Break,” but this time, showcasing the talents of 11 other artists. A few months ago, the boys released a remix package of “Potions,” which is phenomenal, so why not remix “Heart Break” too?

slander moody good heart break

Back in 2019, SLANDER and Moody Good teamed up with songwriter and vocalist, Karra, to spawn a goosebump-inducing single. Fans all over the world kept this tune on loop long enough for the trio to create a remix package. This remix package showcases various artists and their outstanding skills – which we love at EH HQ.

This remix package highlights bass-fueled talents such as Trampa, Neonix, Moore Kismet, and Akeos, and many more who bring their unique talents to this tune. My personal favorite is the Trampa remix because he delivers a powerful, neck-breaking sound that sends all those who listen on an intense roller coaster. Then you have Akeos, who strips the track down at the start but adds an eerie drop that is powered by deep bass and synths. 

Pure passion and dedication from each artist can be heard on their takes on the track. This is what makes this remix package worth to sit down and actually listen to. All the artists that are featured range on different areas in the electronic gerne spectrum and it is amazing what skills they all have. 

Stream SLANDER and Moody Good “Heart Break” Remixes on Spotify. Out now on Gud Vibrations:

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