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Right now, is a very exciting time to be a Caribou fan. After taking a long hiatus to focus on his electronically dance-driven, funky ALIAS, Daphni. Dan Snaith will be making his highly anticipated return with a brand-new Caribou album. The album, titled Suddenly, is expected to be released on February 28th. It’s been quite some time since we’ve received some smooth, ambient grooves from the legendary producer. But alas 2020 is shaping up to be such a remarkable year for new music already and we are only 6 days in!

“I’m always listening to lots of music and sometimes a loop just jumps out at me—it’s too perfect,” Dan Snaith said in a statement. “That’s how it was with Gloria Barnes’ ‘Home’. I kept returning to it, meaning to do something with it but not knowing what. -via Merge Records

2019 ended with incredible news for Caribou fans. He released his first single in nearly 5 years titled ‘Home’. A mind-numbing tune that is built upon a memorizing, beautiful loop which samples Gloria Barnes. The track does a phenomenal job at triggering forgotten memories and reflecting on notable life moments.

This track was sequentially followed by an announcement that he will be back on the road in 2020. The tour is already rapidly selling out with Caribou having to plan second shows at select dates. If all this wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, it appears that we will be seeing both Caribou and Daphni on the festival circuit this summer. With the announcement that both acts are booked at the legendary Coachella Music Festival. 2020 is certainly shaping up to be a giant year for Caribou.

The hype train continues to move full steam ahead with the recent release of his second single titled ‘You and I‘. Once again, Caribou delivers a gorgeous track that dazzles with dreamy synths over his vibrant, high-pitched vocals. If the album, is anything reminiscent of these first two tracks, we are in for an absolute treat. And if somehow all of this wasn’t enough for you, I know it wasn’t for us. We have been gifted a brand new mix to hold us over while we wait.

Features a wide assortment of genres & artists ranging from Boards of Canada, Daft Punk, Four Tet, Floating Points, J Dilla & The Pharcyde.

Caribou steps back in the BBC Radio 1 lab for his first mix since 2014! The mix includes an array of tunes personally curated by Caribou himself. The producer is flawlessly able to match his serene & luscious vibes weaving in and out of tracks. It features a wide assortment of genres & legendary artists ranging from Boards of Canada, Daft Punk, Four Tet, Floating Points, J Dilla & The Pharcyde. Not to mention new music from his two monikers. Stream the mix below and vibe out to the hand-selected sounds of Caribou as we anxiously wait for the release of his seventh LP.

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