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As the countdown to Halloween continues, Wubaholics has us locked into their compilation ‘A Nightmare on Wub Street Vol. 2’. We’ve been on our toes all week as several tracks from the compilation album appear like magic. One of those tracks is PLSMA & blurrd vzn‘s “Tint.” The two notably rising artists have come together to mix up a hybrid trap with a sprinkle of dubstep potion.

First off, let’s talk a bit more about these artists that have been on our radar. PLSMA, as seen on Subsidia records and given recognition by prominent artists such as Excision and Riot Ten, has a lot to bring to the table. While having a heavy dubstep and hip-hop influence, he also incorporates a wide range of genres including trap and house into his live sets. Showing diversity on and off stage is a key component to seeing PLSMA pave his way in the bass music scene and making a name for himself. We are very excited to see where he is headed next!

The blurrd vzn boys have paved their way in the bass scene by effectively blending dubstep and trap influence. From releases on notable labels like Subsidia and FUXWITHIT, the duo consisting of Spicybois blurrd johny and yeaux vzn, are not stopping any time soon. We’ve seen this duo create an upwards trajectory and their growth over the past year is nothing short of inspiring. Hitting a MASSIVE milestone in their career, the boys secured a set at Lost Lands Music Festival this past September. And did we mention the turnout was incredible???

Dial in to the dark trap vibes and channel your inner goblin with PLSMA & Blurrd Vzn.

Dubstep don PLSMA and dynamic duo blurrd vzn treat us with their new track by blending their distinct yet unique sounds. With both artists’ blends of Hip Hop influence and glitchy low-end frequencies, this track is HEAVY. The track starts off nothing short of suspenseful. Then, the bass drops and a mix of distorted vocals and barks blend with a trippy trap influence, taking you straight to the scene of a scary movie. We’re kept on their toes through the entirety of the track. You will simply have to experience it for yourself.

Get your speakers and your spookies ready and listen to PLSMA & blurrd vzn’s ‘Tint’ below!

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