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2020 has been the year for various artists to release new music. They released “Meet Freedom” back in February and this month, MEMBA returns with “Strider.” 

MEMBA is the spawn of New York duo, Will Curry and Ishaan Chaudhary. These boys are members of the infamous Foreign Family Collective. They have reached corners of the earth with getting the chance to perform at various festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Electric Forest. Although the music world has been put on halt, artists are still working hard. MEMBA is one of many who are pushing above and beyond with their sound. 

Memba Strider

With fusing elements of trap, house, and UK garage, MEMBA has created a sound that we love. “Strider” is built up of enticing guitar licks at the start, with an ethereal vocal blended in. It also features oscillating panpipes and an electric undercurrent that progresses forward with growing intensity. One might categorize “Strider” a deep house track, but this track goes way above deep house. 

2020 will be over in 4 months. Meaning MEMBA has 4 more months to surprise us with new bops or stay hidden away, growing their sound and skills. Either way, we are very excited here at HQ for what’s to come from them. 

Stream “Strider” by MEMBA down below – out now on Foreign Family Collective!

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