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The newest addition to the Foreign Family Collective roster, Gilligan Moss has given us the perfect pick-me-up track, “Ultraparadíso.” Now sit back, relax, and get lost in the rhythmic bliss that is the NY-based duo.

gilligan moss ultraparadíso
Photo by Thatcher Keats

Harmonizing warm guitar chords with percussion and paradisiacal vocals layered atop, this track is a mental vacation.

When you close your eyes and picture the happiest place in the world, what do you see? Whether it’s a beach with palm trees and white sand or a field of the brightest sunflowers you can muster up, this single will take you there. Which is exactly what they meant to do, as Gilligan Moss explains below:

We wrote this song as a postcard from a daydream. It is a song in transition caught between club-land & psychedelia, dreamspace and being awake. Our favorite music is transportive, and we just wanted to bring people from quarantine to not only a paradise, but an ultraparadise.

Gilligan Moss

Nailed it, boys. Building on their already impressive EPs as well as popular remixes for artists like Glass Animals, “Ultraparadíso” signifies a new beginning for the two. And whatever else is in store from them, you can sign us up.

At last, enjoy “Ultraparadíso” by Gilligan Moss here:

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