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Mind if we take a quick trip down South? Matheny has a juicy treat to share that’ll satisfy your cravings. The producer from Alabama has been an absolute tear since after exploding onto the scene last year. He returns once again to deliver a delectable summer treat that’ll quench your thirst for bass.

Coming up with fellow Southern bass thumpers Common Creation & Ewox, it’s evident that there’s something in their water. These guys are simply pushing each other to one-up the next as they continue to pump out new music like it’s no big deal. Providing bass music with some experimental, originality, this wave of Southern heat is sure to keep the scene on fire.

One thing we know for certain, Matheny isn’t slowing down any time soon. 2019 was an enormous year for the producer with what felt like a new song release every month. Not to mention, a debut EP that only received raving reviews. Matheny effortlessly transcends bass music into tracks that are dynamic, thrillers keeping you on the edge of your seat. His latest track, ‘Peach Milkshake’ is no exception.

Matheny delivers a track that is anything but pleasant and peachy.

This tumultuous tune mends then meshes numerous pitches and frequencies from all across the spectrum. The track ignites that sensation in your ears and causes your mind to run wild. The bassline swoops and hallows before simply going berserk. As the track progresses he intertwines each bassline on top of the preexisting beat to create one smooth trip. The tune sounds like The Widdler and Yheti gave birth to an intergalactic creature. Trust us, y’all won’t be disappointed with this country banger.

Stream the single below off Fosters Of Frequencies‘ lastest compilation project. Be sure to keep it engaged with Matheny on socials for upcoming show dates. And let your local promoters know if you want to see Matheny in your city this year!

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Featured image by Ginger Wesson.

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