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This sweet home Alabama boy has brought the HEAT. Matheny has dropped his own spin on “Luminous Lure” which is basically a chef’s kiss. 

“Luminous Lure” is the fourth track on Groke’s The Dark Deep EP. This EP is filled with outstanding tracks that transport you to the dark abyss in the deep blue sea. Each track has its own euphoric sound that allows them to stand out. 

matheny luminous lure
The Dark Deep Remixes

Along with being part of our crazy bird family, Matheny is known being a prominent bass artist. His skills are out of this world and he never fails to amaze his fans. Hence why this remix of “Luminous Lure” is about to be a top fave.  

The track itself is already great – but who doesn’t like some flavor? With adding his disgustingly unique and spine-tingling sound, Matheny hits a home run with his take on “Luminous Lure.”

Quarantine has been the perfect time to create new music. Matheny has taken this opportunity to hangout on Twitch and Discord – showing us what he’s got up his sleeve. This track is out on independent label, MAD ZOO, so go stream this new remix as many times as you can.

Matheny is climbing the leader boards quickly and we cannot wait to see how far he is about to go. To that we say – WAR DAMN EAGLE.

Stream “Luminous Lure” below – out now MAD ZOO Label!

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