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After one listen to Lykwid’s newest EP, we officially have to declare it a no pants zone, it’s far too hot. Elements dives deep into unknown frequencies and pools of murky wubs.

Birmingham, Alabama based Lykwid consistently delivers a sound unlike any other. An unmatched energy of deep dub, crispy beats, and a gangster flow.

Elements features seven tracks, each bringing their own type of heat into the kitchen. I sincerely lost track of how many times my jaw hit the floor. Tracks like “Run It Up” featuring P4GE UP, and “Capital Reasons” featuring Juicy Jesus give us that nasty bass, type of shit you wanna throw your hip out to. While “Elements,” “Abstract,” “Sound Culture” with Mastuh, and “Green Fields” with Malbis tap into that lower level, that underground beat you feel in your chest, type of beat that makes you say “mmm that’s the good stuff.” Then there’s “Badlands” with Raaket that’s an absolute head ripper, with mind-boggling chops and a grimey flow.

Lykwid truly shatters the norm with this collection of unique and experimental sounds. We can’t wait to see where his music goes next, and rest assured, wherever it is, we will follow.

Stream the Elements EP below!

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