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Matheny is knocking your socks off with his brand spankin’ new Left Over Lies EP. The Alabama-based producer has made waves in the bass music community with his twisted and dark experimental bass roots and influences of hip-hop and rap. Coming off a year with releases from Subsidia, LoFreq, and Electric Hawk, Matheny brings more than just bass to the table for this 3-track release with Wormhole Music Group. Joe adds his graceful touch to the title track, followed by two absolute slappers.

The first tune, seemingly titled “Left Over Lies” wasn’t lying about the feels I would be in while listening to this song.

Matheny teams up with Freddy Todd (of Freddy Todd) for the EP’s title track. But the lyrical work by Nat Nat is just beautiful. Throughout the 4 and a half minutes of this song, listeners will be mesmerized by the flow that leaves jaws on the floor. But don’t get too distracted, because Matheny and Mr. Todd flip the switch and drop a nasty amount of bass on our head. From the intoxicating raps to the bass that tickles the brain, “Left Over Lies” was the perfect sip of sunshine before moving onto the next two heavy tunes.

Matheny shows off his production prowess with the remaining tracks ‘Hold this’ and ‘Rectify’.

Hold This” questions our entire existence as Matheny crushes our soul with destructive basslines. There are also some unique samples scattered throughout. From the hip-hop vocal shouts to weird space-bass sounds, they were all unexpected but welcomed into my humble abode. The last song “Rectify” was premiered on The Untz and this one mixes beauty with destruction. The chords that play over the vibrating bass are mind-numbing and are a nice addition to one of the darker songs on the EP when it comes to its production.

This southern boi has bass coming out of his back pocket. I would expect some more fun things with artists Fryar, Redrum, Subdocta, SuperAve, and a whole lot more. But for now, let’s all take a dive into the EP and enjoy the smooth brain creations of Matheny.

Listen to Matheny’s Left Over Lies EP: 

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