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Put progressive house and techno in a bowl and mix them up. Pour the bowl out and you get “Eclipse.” Entel breaks the bar with this new track.

Entel is a progressive house and melodic techno producer from Columbus, Ohio. Like all artists, he fell in love with synthesis and composing songs in Ableton Live. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Ableton Live?

Art by Numosis

His main focus is on emotional and melodic music that allows the listener to be reeled in. Entel’s ultimate goal is to create a freeing environment on any dance floor that encourages those to lose themselves in the moment they are in. 

This new track gives us the goosebumps of dreaming to be at a show. Entel transports us to an underground rave with “Eclipse.” It is a club driven track that is the perfect blend of progressive house and techno. With it being the perfect blend between both genres – listeners are allowed to feel various ways when listening to it. It allows them to move their bodies to the beat without skipping it. 

This track shows off the unique skills and sound that describes Entel. He has clearly been putting in serious work in the studio during this crazy quarantine chapter of our lives. We are truly in awe at how great this blended track is and we cannot wait to see what else Entel has in store for us and the rest of the music world.

Stream “Eclipse” down below and let us know what you think!

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