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Who needs religious prophecy when there’s bass? With his new EP, The Vaticination, LITLBIRD plays with experimental tones and distorted low ends that sound like he pulled them straight out of a black hole in deep space. This 4-track EP is an absolute monster and will satisfy the deep dark desires of bass fans past, present, and future.

An Otherworldly Prophecy

One of the most exciting parts about The Vaticination is how complete of a an artistic project it is. LITLBIRD knocked it out of the park with his unique bass style, but he didn’t just crush the music. He set out to create a story to encompass, and go beyond, the music he made…enter: PINOQ_io.

That’s some War of the Worlds ish if I’ve ever seen it.

But all jokes aside, it adds a whole new layer to how you listen to the project and we’re here for it. And we can’t wait to learn more about the other character in this artwork.

This kind of synthesis between visual artwork and music can be a creative tour de force (think Virtual Self). And it’s exciting to see LITLBIRD and his team try their hands at it.

The Vaticination Is Here

Whether you need a good soundtrack for when AI takes over the world, or a few tracks to shake your neighbors floor this weekend…The Vaticination is here to help.

LITLBIRD Will Baptize You In Bass With 'The Vaticination'
Photography by Made In China

The first half of the EP starts off HOT with rapid fire drum hits and demonic vocals in title track “The Vaticination.” And the rise-and-fall bass lines in “We Disintegrate” are all-consuming. OHHH, and we swear we can’t seem to get that pad plugin LITLBIRD uses in both tracks out of our heads.

That spaceship beep boop VIBEEE >>>>>

The second half of The Vaticination is just as strong. And the closer, “Center Of The Universe,” has got to be its shining star. The heavy intro synths and piercing pad stabs leading into the first drop are some sort of sentient cyborg genius creation.

And watch out for that house-y kick drum about halfway through…such a cool and unique twist for a bass song.

LITLBIRD Takes Flight

With The Vaticination, LITLBIRD feels like a true standout in the growing underground bass genre. And we’re so excited to add this project to the rotation while we wait for more from LITLBIRD.

Hit play and tell us you don’t agree!


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