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ALIGN has given us a beautiful new single titled “Reflections” and we are in love. The track features Jenni Potts, who you can also hear on Odesza’s “White Lies.” The atmospheric “Reflections” is out now via Lowly.

Wistful production stylings perfectly cradle the sound of Jenni Potts vocals in “Reflections.” With airy layers and emotional lyrics, ALIGN has really handed us something beautiful.

ALIGN tells us how “Reflections” came to be:

I wrote ‘Reflections’ on an airplane ride. I was kind of forced to sit there and just keep expanding the idea. It became kind of a delicate airy beat and melody. I could tell there was room for more, so I reached out to Jenni, and she really tied things together with a relatable story. Her vocals are what the song needed. I think ‘Reflections’ walks through ups and downs that we’ve all felt before.

ALIGN (born James Fisher) prides himself on thought-provoking music for the everyday listener. With an impressive discography, the Chicago-based producer spends ample time practicing his craft. If this is your first time checking out ALIGN, another personal favorite of ours is “Daydreaming,” released in 2017.

Listen to ALIGN’s “Reflections” featuring Jenni Potts here:

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