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Returning back to twilight elegance, LUPA unleashes her third EP, Animosity, through mau5trap on April 21st. LUPA engulfs the crowd in a sonic adventure that enhances the audience’s senses. While LUPA enlightens us through her dark elemental sounds on how anger can come out through love rather than hate, now is the time to see how animosity drives us in different kinds of ways.

LUPA press photo
Photo Credit: DNZ MEDIA

Fall into the dark intricacies of what LUPA shares with Animosity.

The Turning Pt.1

Slowly as the nightfall hours arrive, we are engulfed in the pure obscurities that come with the darkness. Through her production, the increasing tension elevates our senses as our eyes adjust to the forest’s blackness. LUPA gathers the sonic elements to craft this eerie atmosphere that only a creature can live within. As “Born a Beast” progresses, we fall into this hypnotic trance while we dash through the shadows in the trees. While we feel the hairs along our arms rise, and our heartbeat then begins to elevate to the rhythm of the bass in the background. Until our natural reactions begin to lose control, a sense of intensity builds within the pit of our stomach. Then, as we fully transform into this alter-ego of ourselves, that is ready to scavenge for an answer.

LUPA Animosity cover art
Art made by LUPA

Now, feeling the vibrations from the dark matter surrounding us, we hear the screeching echoes in the distance. “Like an Echo” commences us to follow the faint connection that drives us to wander through the wilderness. The eerie melodies guide us with a dimming light through the emptiness of the forests. While we try to search for the haunting voice that idles in our ears, LUPA pounds our minds with her pulsating bassline that captivates us. Eventually, the voice leads us to an opening in the trees, and we witness a soft apparition stand before us. Slowly the spirit reaches out with its hazy hand pleading for us to reach out for them. And as we follow its command, the ghostly hand feels unreachable.

“We tend to look at anger as a negative emotion, something to avoid and chase out. We are taught to shun animosity, but when we do this, the feeling never truly leaves. The feeling bubbles up and accumulates until it reaches a point we can no longer control it. We don’t realize anger can never be truly silenced; it can only be embraced, for anger comes not from negativity but love itself.”

– Lupa

The Resolution Pt. 2

As we feel the restraint, the apparition vanishes into the trees. And with a quick glimpse, the soft lips of the figure mouth the words, “Our Time Will Come. Instantly, the dread of abandonment crawls through us as we rush into the woods to search for this figure. Throughout the track, LUPA brings us into a wormhole of hypnotizing melodies and unravels the inner psychedelic nightcrawler within us. While our body synchronizes with the vibrations of the track, we fight the terrors that plague our minds as we forage through the darkness to find the light again. Finally, after a tremendous search through the obscurities, we are eventually reunited with the figure but this time, not alone.

To conclude our journey, we witness the “Ballad of Fallen Angels” perform right before us. Above us, we see the dozens of apparitions flutter around us as they screech and glide along to the heavy kick drums in the background. LUPA gathers all the restless energy that has lingered within our bodies and unleashes it into the wilderness to play around. The atmosphere intensifies as our body trembles to the hymns, and as we watch the world around us evaporate, LUPA walks closer to us. Then, as she stands in front of us calmly, she lifts our heads up and softly speaks, “What if this is all a dream, and we’re just waiting in line to wake up?” And in a flash, we were brought back into reality, away from the dark forest we were once in.

LUPA continues to thrive and electrify the soundscapes around her!

The incredible revelations that LUPA continues to showcase through her productions are astonishing. As she has support from the mau5trap family, from performing at Miami Music Week to being a part of the We Are Friends, Vol. 11 compilation from them, LUPA appears to ascend through the different realms and cement herself in the scene. Yet, while she elevates, Electric Hawk continues to witness the wolf producer change the landscape of what is in the darkness and let us follow her to see that there is nothing to be scared of.

Feel the inner beauty that comes with LUPA and her new EP Animosity below!

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