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Proximity and Brownies & Lemonade present: Digital Mirage. A virtual music festival with an amazing lineup, and an incredible purpose.

Let’s be honest, serotonin levels are at an all-time low. The Corona Virus has flipped the world upside down. Unemployment is soaring, people are getting sick, and the majority of us have to deal with these pressures alone. We all know that social-distancing is crucial in flattening “the curve,” but it comes at a hefty price. Especially for those involved in the music industry.

Event staff, venue staff, artists, and many more have been directly affected by this pandemic. While we might be annoyed at show cancellations, we should try and remember the bigger picture. For artists, canceled shows mean losing a source of income. Those of who aren’t as affected can all pool in to help and that’s where Digital Mirage comes in.

Enter: Proximity

In a move that surprised no one, our amazing community has used this crisis to come together. All over the world, artists are setting up equipment and transitioning into the streaming side of the entertainment industry. Labels like Proximity are doing their part in not only by hosting an event but also giving back.

Proximity is an independent electronic music promotion channel and label. It started as a way for Blake Coppelson, the mind behind Proximity, to release music. It now boasts a staggering 8.56 million subscribers on YouTube, becoming one of the largest electronic music promotion channels.

I had the pleasure of talking with Blake Coppelson of Proximity about Digital Mirage.

How did Proximity get the support from so many huge artists?

To be quite honest with you, this all started from the tweet…

Blake Coppelson; Proximity

…So it’s incredibly humbling for me to be able to use Proximity as a platform to positively impact people’s lives alongside B&L, and Sweet Relief, to raise as much money as possible. Every artist either personally reached out, or immediately accepted being on the lineup.

We have received the utmost support from all of the artists, management agencies, and even digital media partners. We’re partnering up with Playstation, and YouTube and many others to make this the most impactful event as possible. Both from an impression standpoint, but most importantly, from a donation standpoint.

Blake Coppelson; Proximity

With this lineup, there’s no doubt that Blake’s mission with Digital Mirage will be accomplished.

On Wednesday the daily schedule was announced. This lineup is filled with so much incredible talent, it feels like a real festival. Kaskade kicks off the show on Friday, Gryffin on Saturday, and Louis the Child on Sunday. Over the course of these three days, you’ll be able to catch artists from all over the spectrum. If that wasn’t enough for you, EDM giants like Seven Lions, Adventure Club, G-Jones, Alison Wonderland, and more will also come together on one virtual stage. One stage means no set conflicts, plus another reason to stay inside.

100% of the proceeds from Digital Mirage will be donated to Sweet Relief.

The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is a nonprofit charity that provides financial assistance for career musicians and music industry workers. This nonprofit was founded by Victoria Williams in 1993 and has been providing assistance for the last 24 years.

But, it doesn’t stop there! Digital Mirage is also giving viewers the option to donate directly through Proximity’s YouTube. You can also donate when you RSVP.

You don’t necessarily have to RSVP to watch (since it’s on YouTube), but if you do, you earn points that give you the chance to win prizes! There are giveaways from a roll of toilet paper and an on-stream shoutout to a virtual meet and greet with an artist on the lineup.

If you haven’t already, you can RSVP here.

Subscribe to Proximity on YouTube and turn notifications ON!

Grab some snacks, face-time the squad, and dust off your flow toys. Digital Mirage is almost here.

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