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The time has come for VCTRE to headline SHIFT Thursdays here in Denver, Colorado. Accompanying the low-end guru is Vide, Whom?, and Mikey Thunder for this deep and dark night. If you’re looking for the best pre-party before attending Ganja White Night‘s Wobble Rocks this weekend, your search has ceased.

River Beats Colorado and Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom have tag-teamed yet again to put on a fierce Thursday night show. The opportunity to hear “The Gate” and “Dead Leaves” on a sick sound system is just too appealing. “VCTRE SHIFT Thursday” has a certain ring to it, does it not? If you agree, join us at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom this Thursday, November 11th, for a night of eardrum abuse and memorable times.

vctre shift
Click poster for tickets to VCTRE’s SHIFT show!

VCTRE Taking Over the World

One half of the enigmatic bass duo, Integrate, VCTRE hails from Alabama and brings the southern heat (thankfully, not the humidity) to every show he plays. Still steaming and sweating from Integrate’s DEF Global set recorded and posted to YouTube in 4k, VCTRE will be joining us in the Mile-High city for a night of boolin’ and bustin’. Furthermore, he wields a diverse discography ranging from halftime to deep, soul-crushing bass.

Keep your expectations high, because that’s not all. Vide brings a unique take on downtempo bass music that only one can hear to comprehend. A soundscape that makes listeners start to float wherever they happen to be listening. His most recent release, “Ultraviolet” makes us question if the monster under our bed is real. Nevertheless, the club is still bumping, the ladies look better than ever, the alcohol is still flowing, and there is definitely still pain in the world; but not at VCTRE’s SHIFT show this Thursday.


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