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New Ivy Lab “Heartbeat” remix has our hearts racing and booties shaking. This twist on the original Raveena track is live exclusively on Audius for 24 HOURS June 29th. Ivy lab continues to show us just how much of a dynamic duo they really are by breaking experimental bass music barriers. Their exploration of sound design is truly one of a kind.

Ivy Lab 'Heartbeat'
Image Courtesy of Ivy Lab and 20/20

Ivy Lab’s “Heartbeat” remix is just one of the many creative and intricately thought-out tracks produced by these legends. The original “Heartbeat” by Raveena is soulful and upbeat, whereas Ivy Lab’s approach is sensual and futuristic. A polar opposite of the original track, the duo proves once again just how much they really bring to the table. The instrumental sound and experimental bass give a deep, dark, and dangerous feel that is incomparable. The snares and taps keep us on our toes. And the way the beats flow with the vocals gives us a sensual experience. Overall, the remix blows away any expectations we could’ve had.

Video Courtesy of Ivy Lab and 20/20

Ivy Lab never fails to leave us breathless and in awe. Unpredictable, they always surprise us with music we can’t quite put into words and this is our favorite part about them. We truly cannot wait to see what is in store next. Alas, be mindful this remix is only available via Audius for 24 hours, you do not want to miss it!

Get your mind right and your heart ready and listen to Ivy Lab’s “Heartbeat” remix below!

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