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This Los Angeles winter has lasted a little longer than I would like. The days are cold, nights are colder, and the only thing I want in this whole wide world is to dance somewhere tropical, mimosa in hand. Thankfully, that is where BIJOU and Zaerd come in, and gift us the little slice of paradise that is “Saint Tropez.”

“Saint Tropez” is sexy, thumping, and full of swagger; a true summer anthem for the winter months.

zaerd bijou saint tropez
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“Saint Tropez” and the Collaboration in Paradise

‘Saint Tropez’ is such an iconic place in the world, so to create a song inspired by it, we needed to be 100% sure that it’d live up to its name. Both myself and BIJOU worked tirelessly on this song, picking apart each minor detail to ensure that it would be the best it could. The song means a lot to me personally – it’s a more clubby style than my listeners may be used to, but I wanted to experiment with that realm a little bit. Also, having the opportunity to collaborate with one of my idols really influenced me to put my heart and soul into the tune – which I’m hoping the listeners will hear.


Electric Hawk had the honor of sitting down and chatting about this anthem’s debut, G House culture, and everything BIJOU.

Liz Brewer: Hello BIJOU! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me and answer these questions. I am incredibly excited to learn more about you and your artistic journey, and highlight the absolute banger that is “Saint Tropez.

LB: You have been credited by many as a G House pioneer. What does G House mean to you? What makes a track “G House?”

BIJOU: G house to me is my core and where I come from. I’ll never stop implementing aspects of it into my music. There are a lot of different things that make it what it is, but I think the biggest part is the vocals. I don’t like how the genre has become so pigeonholed though. There are so many different iterations of the sound and I think it provides a very broad and wide spectrum of music for every type of listener to enjoy

LB: You have some huge collaborations in your arsenal. “Hello” with Dr. Fresch was one of my first introductions to the heavier house scene and a set staple for many artists
in the years following.

What has been one of your most memorable or favorite collaborative
experiences? How did your collaboration with Zaerd come into existence?

bijou saint tropez
Photo by @drewsmedia

BIJOU: I’ve had a great time with everyone I’ve worked with and it’s always a blast to work with Tony. I think the most recent collaboration with Marten Horger will stick with me forever. It went further than just the music, where we did an entire tour together and really got to know each other for the 3 months together and became good friends. That aspect for me is more special than any part of the music could ever be.

This collab with Zaerd happened very organically as he was one of my students when I was doing the online music academy during covid. I’ve been able to watch him from the time he started as a producer to where he is now, and I have to say I’m really proud of all the hard work he’s put in to become the beast of a producer he is now.

The biggest thing I want people to do is sing the chorus as loud as possible, just feel the vibe and have a good time while listening.


LB: As you are decently fresh off of the Stay Fly Tour, I assume you’re still buzzing from
that experience. Would you share your favorite aspect of this tour, other than the 406 vegan chicken nuggets? How is touring in general? Highlights, drawbacks, and all?

bijou saint tropez
Photo by @drewsmedia

BIJOU: The biggest highlight for me was obviously the shows. We sold out half of the tour which was something we really set out to do. But it was amazing to tour with two other guys who are top-notch and really on their shit (Marten [Horger] and Flo, our TM/videographer). Touring can become quite a lonely thing as you’re on the road for extensive periods by yourself, so having the opportunity to spend 3 months with two other people brought a different vibe and feeling that was amazing. We’ve joked how it hasn’t been the same since, haha!

LB: Being an aspiring music producer myself, I have to nerd out on questions for a sec. Do you have any tips for me and others alike trying to find their way in the music industry? Additionally, what is one mindset shift you’ve gone through to bring you to where you are today as an artist?

BIJOU: I’ve always said this and stand by it – that hard work is going to take you further than talent. Really grinding your craft and putting in the hours is going to make the difference. I can openly say I’m not the best producer in the world but I work my ass off at it every single day like it’s my last chance to ever do so. Take that and then go with where your heart is leading you sound-wise and trust that vision.

LB: Could you share a production tidbit or technique that was utilized in “Saint Tropez?

BIJOU: Less is more. Pick the song apart as you listen with that in mind, and you’ll see how simple the song really is.

LB: Finally, as this interview ends, what is on the horizon for BIJOU in 2023? Thank you so much for your time. It is a pleasure to be able to gain more knowledge about you and your project!

BIJOU: Big tunes and even bigger shows! Let’s go!

Find your “Saint Tropez” with BIJOU and Zaerd – Listen now!

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