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Lane 8 is notorious for creating music beautiful enough to melt your insides and replace them with flowers. Over the last several weeks, we have been lucky enough to get several releases from Lane 8 via his label, This Never Happened. TNH is a derivative of Anjunadeep and the Anjuna Label Family.

Starting in early May, Lane 8 dropped the futuristic “Bear Hug,” followed by “Roll Call” featuring Anderholm and “Out of Sight” featuring Hexlogic. Lane 8 has been pumping out pulsating deep house and electronica like a mad man. Also, he has been doing a TON of livestreams. And this all is coming in the same year as full-length album Brightest Lights. WE ARE NOT COMPLAINING. Please do not ever stop.

His latest release is titled “Keep On” and included on the Anjunadeep 11 compilation album. It’s a dreamy progressive house track with inspiring lyrics about moving forward after times of disappointment or sadness. We really needed this.

So what’s up with “This Never Happened” anyway?

Ajuna Family boasts ownership and curation from EDM powerhouse duo, Above and Beyond. Ajunabeats launched in 2000 to highlight big room and high energy house music. Ajunadeep came next in 2005 to include more progressive and deep house artists and sounds.

In 2016, Lane 8 founded his label This Never Happened under the Ajuna umbrella.

This Never Happened is also a concept. Lane 8 launched his 2016 “This Never Happened” tour, where phone use was prohibited. The TNH concept continued through his (unexpectedly) final tour dates in 2019. Read Lane 8’s idea’s and motivation behind the concept of This Never Happened here:

Didn’t that make you feel so warm and fuzzy?

Lane 8’s This Never Happened concept is a reminder to live in the moment.

While technology is a useful tool, especially now, remembering to take time to disconnect, decompress, and heal your mind and spirit is just as important as eating right and exercising.

We are so grateful for Lane 8 and his weekly releases, his commitment to the concept of This Never Happened, and all of the feel-good music that is keeping us happy and thriving in 2020! Listen to his latest release, “Keep On” here, because we want you to feel good inside.

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